If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.

— GT di Lampedusa

Current rapid technical and societal transformations force us to question how we do business, how we develop and produce products, and how we interact with other stakeholders. Entire markets can emerge, shift and disappear seemingly overnight.

Systematically driving innovation is active future-proofing for businesses to sustain in existing and new markets.

The denamics team and partners provide holistic strategic innovation processes for your business. From defining the specifics of the energy storage system that will take you off the grid, to coaching you in creating a comprehensive development strategy that puts your business on a solid footing for the coming decades. Our specialty is to put technology into the context of the megatrends in society, policy, economy and ecology. 


Innovation and innovation processes identified and implemented with strategic foresight. Your team and our R&D-experienced coaches collaborate. Based on market intelligence, and tailored to your needs.


Transformation of processes and equipment towards modern systems. We identify value-adds of new and existing data streams, and show you how to best use your data efficiently.


Company-wide analysis of energy streams focusing on technology and economics, supply and demand, and efficiency and sustainability. We will find the areas with potential for optimization and quantify efficiencies.


Optimization of processes. Leverage new and existing data streams to interconnect the control of separate systems to maximize overall utility. We identify intelligent algorithms for technical and business processes.


Development of holistic solutions tailored for your company, team and market.