Marc Müller-Stoffels, CEO

Marc is an entrepreneur, scientist, and innovation manager with nearly two decades of experience ranging from basic research to high level policy development through strategic foresight. Through physics studies in Germany, New Zealand and the USA he has worked on research ranging from nano-materials, via crystallography and glaciology to nonlinear systems dynamics and climate modeling. In parallel, Marc co-developed an AI-powered software engine, ScenLab, to support quantitative scenario development in strategic foresight and chaired a company providing support in this area. After earning his Ph.D. in Physics, Marc switched over to engineering to help tackle increasing the renewable energy contribution in power grids. He successfully developed the Power Systems Integration Program and Lab at the Alaska Center for Energy and Power into a premiere research program for islanded microgrids and energy systems integration. 

Abdallah Dadoukh, Technical Analyst

  • In-depth research in various energy related technologies
  • Energy market analysis/research
  • Supporting the development of business models
  • Development of a conceptual simulations study of islanded micro-grids
  • Data analysis, documentation, programming
  • Development of the research/writing on the role of energy storage systems in hybrid-diesel microgrids

Megan Hoffman, Executive Assistant

  • BS and MS in Biology (respiratory neurophysiology)
  • English editing for technical documents, advertisements, fliers etc.
  • German to American English translations
  • Works with regulatory agencies, plans outreach and public relations activities, oversees safety in working environments
  • Content editing for websites